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Some one who makes bank at the sand casino can make state 200b, buy all their equipment with cheap RuneScape gold the best perks max out get 120 all etc etc.. But what? Why skill or pvm when also make and they can simply go back to staking bank again or even get cocky and begin losing it all anger staking their lender quitting. Either way it is a loss for the community when a RS runescape player who isn't a scammer ends up stopping due to spiraling down the gaming path and losing it all or if they make bank and shed the idea of cash and literally having nothing to do anymore and end up quitting. On a different note, I am not 100% against pkers like when somebody pk's you and does not attempt skull tricking then you shouldn't get mad at that person whatsoever because that is just.

I concur. While I am sure a small minority would like fair fights (but I suppose in theory the duel arena provides that), it seems the great majority of lively volcano runescape players simply want to kill others for whatever their motives may be. Back when I bothered with warbands I saw people kill me and pick up basically or nothing nothing for the hassle. If the place is populated enough resources ARE limited at warbands, and more than a few times I picked up my resources in where I just went on my skilling intent planned and died.In any case the strategy for the runescape playerbase would be to go in nude with nothing of significance anything, and a lot of runescape players simply prevent the wildy. I played actively from around 2005-2011 so that was before and during the wildy got handicapped. When it was introduced a lot of runescape players were mad about the trade limitation, but just a very small, market community seemed to take care of the wildy. Most runescape players who were to Pking (and even though it might sound hard to believe to you, however I was among these ) were pleased with clan wars and the duel place getting f2p for a substitute.

The runescape players who quit after the upgrade quit on account of this trade limitation and not the wildy change. The current design of the wildy promotes griefing and makes luring very doable and extremely lucrative. And all that while the risk reward system that many assert as it's purpose is extremely unbalanced already.All you said is that you shouldn't fall for money doubling and these scams, but there are loads of other lures which make it far easier to get trapped off-guard. If you don't believe me, simply give it a try: flip mode off and stand at the ge for a while on your slayer equipment. You'll find some requests that seem very legit for example people claiming to look for an ed team, trying to find a team to perform group bosses, asking for aids or quest help and such.

Materials many of folks ask for legit they're very hard to spot at first. Just play along until right before it really gets dangerous. Just imagine being somebody who hasn't joined a clan and has shaped teams with randoms a few times before and you'll see just how simple it is to get caught off-guard in some of those situations. And not idling from the GE and turning private chat off or to friends only, or even completely ignoring the rest of the runescape players altogether can keep you safe from the lures. But unless you can convince all runescape players to do the same lures will stay a daily occurence. And in the event that you can convince everyone to ignore eachother, then that will make runescape very boring, since the ability to group up with best sites to buy osrs gold from random runescape players for things is half the pleasure of playing an MMO.

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